Mountain biking from Hotel meets need and want!

I needed a place where I could ride, ride as far as I wanted to, in the time I wanted to ride. Perhaps it was a bit of rebellious spirit after being restricted during lockdown, perhaps it was a need to get out into the beauty of nature. Whatever the reason, my need became a want, very quickly.

I did not want to self-cater. I had been doing that for 3 months. None of my favourite restaurants were allowed to accommodate me and to be honest, even if I had ordered a take-away meal from them, it never tastes the same. Atmosphere; preparation and experience is all part of what makes a meal great instead of good.

So I contacted Pam, I asked her to book me into one of the hotels in the Midlands that would also give me access to quiet roads and country paths, where i could ride safely to my heart’s content.

I was offered a place with amazing service, clean rooms, clean bathrooms and a restaurant that delivered to my fussy pallet, you can have that too, just ask – the experience is something I will return again for, if not for the pretty countryside, then definately for the place which I admit, I only briefly experienced, I was too busy getting my mtb fix and returning to comfort and luxury and at risk of repeating myself, delectable food!

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Reasons Thinking Like a Child Will Make a Better Holiday


Whether its is stuffing something into their mouths, crawling anywhere, diving into dark water, taking the lead on a trail or simply disappearing somewhere, they want to see what there is to be seen and do whatever they can possibly do. In short, they are novelty-seekers, a character trait that drops by half throughout adulthood. According to a recent university-developed personality test, how much a person values novel experiences is a crucial predictor of well-being.


An article in reads “Ask a kid what they want to do right now, and they’ll shout the first thing that comes to mind, whether it’s to ride their bike, go to outer space, or pet a rabbit. It might not make sense, sure, but when faced with an abundance of options, they weren’t paralyzed with indecision. Nowadays, committing to a simple choice can be debilitating … and a common roadblock to happiness. Based on a pyschology researcher’s findings, “satisficers”—those who opt to make a good-enough choice rather than agonize over what the “best” one is—have less anxiety and more emotional stability than “maximizers” who weigh every possibility thoroughly before coming to a conclusion. ”

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Get to the Kwa-Zulu Natal countryside post Covid-19.

Grasslands and rolling hills, beckon you to explore.

The Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands offers places to stay with spacious countryside accommodation options.

The type of accommodation places that seem to be a safer option to travellers differs but most people have similar requirements.  We’ve been asked to suggest places that offer an above average cleanliness in their guest rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

So how do we suggest the places that meet such a criteria?

At the moment there are only a few country hotels and lodges that offer a table d’ hoté menu to ensure plated meals are served under strict supervision, combined with spacious seating in the dining room, or room service as well as super clean guest rooms.

The prefered accommodation option along the Midlands meander seems to be self-catering cottages with persons wanting units that are well-spaced apart and farm or country cottages coming top of the list.  Of course, within the self catering cottage options, there are those wanting modern clean surface tops in the kitchens along with dishwashers to ensure maximum hygiene throughout their stay, again, the self-catered chalets need to be clean in all other rooms too.

Contact us for your list of specifications and we will send you suitable, available options.

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Comrades Marathon 2020 – 14 June

This year, the Comrades marathon is a down run but it is also the 95th ultimate human race!

No, your maths is not wrong! 1921 to 2020 should be 99 but the Comrades marathon was stopped during the war years from 1941 to 1945. Crazy that although there has been many smaller wars, this race has been able to continue every year since 1946.

So this year is a down run which means runners start in Pietermaritzburg, the southern most part of the KZN Midlands and end in Durban, needless to say accommodation is hard to find but there are a couple of beds still available. Please call or e-mail us and we will see if there is still space!

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Mid-January midlands promotion

Garden Suites inclusive of breakfast,  R950 per night
Honeymoon Suite, R 1200 per night
Family Unit sleeps 3, R 1500 per night
Family unit self catering 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchenette, sleeps 4 persons, R 1800 per night

Valid from 15 to 20 January 2020!

What you see is what you get, no fancy pictures, it is what it is!
Need a discount – call us now to book!
Self-catering or B&B – we have a discount waiting for you!

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Grasslands, streams, plantations and bliss

That’s what the KZN Midlands is made of!

Take a walk down to stream whilst you stay in one of the four thatched units…
Enjoy the Midlands grasslands and allow your soul to rest and rejuvenate.
“… it’s no wonder I’m ok with staying in this place for a while!”

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Eland Cottage

From R6400 per night. A 4 bedroom cottage with 3 bathrooms. This is an original red brick farm house with oregon floors. Enjoy extended valley views of wildlife grazing and rolling mist and lovely gardens with sunbirds and butterflies.

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Just what I need

There’s no doubt that sometimes we pay to stay in a place that can actually accommodate the extended family. Recently we came across a little place – similar to a flatlet but with the most extensive views rather than into a backyard wall.

So if you are on your own or as a couple that don’t need space then you might want to stay in the Curry’s Post region of the Midlands and pay for what you need and no more…