Reasons Thinking Like a Child Will Make a Better Holiday


Whether its is stuffing something into their mouths, crawling anywhere, diving into dark water, taking the lead on a trail or simply disappearing somewhere, they want to see what there is to be seen and do whatever they can possibly do. In short, they are novelty-seekers, a character trait that drops by half throughout adulthood. According to a recent university-developed personality test, how much a person values novel experiences is a crucial predictor of well-being.


An article in reads “Ask a kid what they want to do right now, and they’ll shout the first thing that comes to mind, whether it’s to ride their bike, go to outer space, or pet a rabbit. It might not make sense, sure, but when faced with an abundance of options, they weren’t paralyzed with indecision. Nowadays, committing to a simple choice can be debilitating … and a common roadblock to happiness. Based on a pyschology researcher’s findings, “satisficers”—those who opt to make a good-enough choice rather than agonize over what the “best” one is—have less anxiety and more emotional stability than “maximizers” who weigh every possibility thoroughly before coming to a conclusion. ”

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