Mountain biking from Hotel meets need and want!

I needed a place where I could ride, ride as far as I wanted to, in the time I wanted to ride. Perhaps it was a bit of rebellious spirit after being restricted during lockdown, perhaps it was a need to get out into the beauty of nature. Whatever the reason, my need became a want, very quickly.

I did not want to self-cater. I had been doing that for 3 months. None of my favourite restaurants were allowed to accommodate me and to be honest, even if I had ordered a take-away meal from them, it never tastes the same. Atmosphere; preparation and experience is all part of what makes a meal great instead of good.

So I contacted Pam, I asked her to book me into one of the hotels in the Midlands that would also give me access to quiet roads and country paths, where i could ride safely to my heart’s content.

I was offered a place with amazing service, clean rooms, clean bathrooms and a restaurant that delivered to my fussy pallet, you can have that too, just ask – the experience is something I will return again for, if not for the pretty countryside, then definately for the place which I admit, I only briefly experienced, I was too busy getting my mtb fix and returning to comfort and luxury and at risk of repeating myself, delectable food!

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