Why Midlands Reservations

Established for many years, we were there to help you then and are here to help you now!

Despite the 50+ venues on our books and the people each venue employs/supports, each booking supplies finances to three different regions in KZN (Midlands, Southern Drakensberg, Central Drakensberg) as well as to Mpumalanga.

To give you an example, one beneficiary splits her income between her son’s schooling, a domestic worker and a conservation cause. This seems simple on the surface however, please allow us to show you how each rand contributes in an amazing way…

The son travels by bus to school – a portion of the bus fee pays the bus driver who is a sole bread winner to a wife and child, when he gets to school there are four teachers, a head master, administrator, gardener and cleaner – a portion of the sons school fees reach these pockets.  The domestic worker has four children and runs a home based care for orphans and visibly impaired parents on the weekends, her salary contributes towards her children’s schooling and taxi fair to collect food parcels and grants for the orphans and home-based care families. The conservation cause supports 2 students wanting to become field rangers, 4 anti-poaching patrols and conservation research in Mpumalanga.

We value every booking, because every booking means more to our network than we will ever be able to put into words.